Falling Apart

Yes all of this collapsing and falling apart is necessary!! You are not being dramatic. Your world, the way you lived previously, is falling apart. And it is falling apart in order for your True Self to fully emerge. There’s no way that you can unfold into your true being with all of those ego structures still in place. So yes, dear friend you are falling apart (as am I)  so welcome to the free fall.

Your reactions are to be expected and that’s all a part of The Work. There’s a saying, “You cannot pack your bag and get your things in order before you leap into the Unknown.” The point being that we can’t begin our new way of living from the old way of thinking. So we need to clear the space for the new to be able to show up. This can be super scary stuff. And it is the gateway to Freedom. The most glorious and blissful way to live we could ever know.

This journey is not for the faint of heart because falling apart is terrifying. Do you find that sometimes you are extremely tense and that the same thoughts keep going round and round in your mind even when they don’t really make sense? Do those thoughts even seem to make you more anxious?

The most beneficial way to be in times of transition, falling apart, leaping into the unknown is by staying Present. Present is being right here, in this exact moment, not one second ahead, not one second behind, just right here, right now. How does that feel? Do you feel a pull to think ahead or behind or can you just stay in this moment? Breathe. Breathe big. Stay right here. How does that affect you? Take the time to really notice. Breathe more. Stay right here with your breath. Do this a lot, as often as you can. See how it affects you, even in this moment.