My specialties include:


By using an amalgamation of psychological and spiritual practices such as The Diamond Approach, Love Leadership, self-psychology, mindfulness, and EMDR for trauma, as well as other practices, they all help to identify the layers of defenses and patterns built up over the lifetime. By identifying these defenses and patterns, seeing them more clearly, feeling the affect they have, they begin to dissolve and True Nature, your Essential Self can then emerge. So we are doing at least two things at once, exploring and identifying patterns and obstacles. While simultaneously learning new skills and tools to help you make better decisions and to live your life in a whole new way that better serves you and your full potential.

Adolescents and Children

A unique service I offer is working with teens and children individually while simultaneously seeing the parents, both together and separately. The family is a system and everyone affects each other. So when everyone in the family is steeped in “The Work,” results happen very quickly. Families learn how to navigate through communication and challenges more easily when everyone is speaking the same language and doing similar work. Plus something magical happens when everyone in the family is on board. Of course there are times when everyone is not on board, and that’s why you have me. I teach the family how to communicate with each other better, even through the hard stuff, and from there the love and fun really flows.


With couples therapy, the work is based on learning how to speak what is true for you, as well as being able to listen and understand each other without reactivity. To be able to create and build on speaking and listening from the heart, to be Present in each moment with each other instead of being lost in history. Not always so easy to do, but the results of this work ushers couples into the intimacy that is possible, as well as with themselves as individuals and as a couple. I provide a safe space to do this learning, guide you as necessary, share and teach valuable ways to be in relationship successfully i.e. how to speak from your heart what is true for you, be able to navigate through your emotions so they can be felt but not overtake you, and how to listen to what your partner shares without reactivity. As you build your capacity to listen, intimacy grows, big time. After all, isn’t intimacy about really, deeply, speaking and listening to each other?

Open Relationships and Polyamory

This is not for everyone. But it most certainly is an exploration that can be very revealing, powerful, and transformative for the relationship and both individuals. Revealing is what we want! Revealing without being blown out of the water. Again, self discovery in individual work and in couples work can be a key to Freedom. Finding out who you really are and what your desires truly are.

For example, if you are in a monogamous relationship and wonder if you would like to be in a relationship with other people simultaneously, I provide a sacred space to explore these desires together. By fully exploring these topics while I provide insights, reflect back to you things that may go unnoticed, and generally provide the space to unpack rather than keep this all bound up inside you, things start to become more clear and move. You get more in touch with what is actually True for you, what are fears that hold you back, and what are issues that need honoring. These explorations are life altering as you can imagine. I will guide you in a way that is honoring of where you are, not rush you to be somewhere you are not.

If you do decide to open up your relationship, a specialty of mine is to help you navigate that. Frequent questions and concerns can be:

“I don’t want to be controlling, but I need to know how dating other people is going to look?”.

“How do we discuss what kind of sex is ok with other people, and what kind is not for where we are in our relationship?”.

“What do we do when one of us wants to be in relationship with someone the other doesn’t feel good about?”

All of this needs to be explored! And I will help you do that and teach you how to explore and communicate with each other. From there the river flows and each of you discovers more about your Self. What is True and what is not? It is important to know that these explorations are done with supreme delicacy and sacredness.


I was diagnosed with alopecia areata at the age of 30 and it progressed to totalis by the age of 55. As a therapist, my goal is to help people transform. What I mean by transformation is to help you get into alignment with your Self – who you really are. For me, alopecia has been an opportunity to help me transform and I believe it can be for anyone. It hasn’t always been easy, but the things in life that aren’t easy are often the richest doorways to a deeper happiness. It is my greatest passion to help others through this doorway.