Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

California Offices in Marin & Berkeley

Therapeutic Approach

I’m glad you’re here! How do I work?
I listen well. I observe. I care. I will tailor your treatment to you. My goal is to create lasting change, for you and all your parts. How do I do this?

Methods that work:

Somatic Therapy and Parts Work

I also incorporate a Somatic approach to treatment. As we go through difficult material, I will guide you to turn towards sensations in your body. You will learn how to be in relationship with parts of yourself which may cause you trouble, or parts you may never have been aware of. As you identify parts that get triggered and uncover related past trauma, you will learn about how these parts serve you as well as how they inhibit your well-being. When you engage with your parts in a compassionate way, you may find you experience a transforming sense of peacefulness and joy. That’s what I’m here for, to guide you to fulfill your potential for peacefulness and joy!


“To say Stef is personable as a therapist doesn’t fully grasp how warm, inviting, curious, and human her connection is with clients. Her skill set is matched with genuine care. I have experienced incredibly deep work alongside Stef as she truly serves as a vessel for healing. Her questions, creativity, and wisdom provide the greatest gift — a compassionate mirror of understanding my deepest inner-workings.”

“Stef creates a safe and sacred space for couples to bring their whole, individual selves. She integrates multiple modalities, perspectives, and lived experiences to explore communication and intimacy. She understands the deep wisdom from Rumi that a person’s “task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” I have experienced so much growth and compassion working alongside Stef and my partner to break down these barriers. What a gift!”