My goal is to help people transform. What I mean by transformation is to help you get into alignment with your Self - who you really are.

I have over ten years experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and in my experience if you show up, really show up, then you will be amazed by the powerful transformation that happens in our work together, and how quickly.

Too many of us were raised with the ideas of what someone else, or society, thought we should be. Then we took that on and formed ourselves around that. When we are out of alignment with ourselves things frequently go wrong. But mostly it’s a feeling of things not being quite right. That can look like depression, anxiety, anger/rage, addictions of all sorts, sexual dysfunction, acting out in various ways.

So we must swim through and see what is actually you and what isn't. We bring these things into your consciousness or awareness. Then you have access to what is serving you and what is not.

In Buddhism there is a saying that from Right relationship with your Self flow all other relationships. When you are in Right Relationship with yourself, you make better decisions, you will see things more clearly and can respond differently, and subsequently have deeply fulfilling relationships in intimacy, work and life in general. Because your relationship with You is what life is all about. 

Some examples of issues you may be struggling with:

  • Are you yearning to be in intimate relationship and it just is not happening?
  • Do you keep choosing the “wrong” person?
  • Possibly you’re in a relationship and you feel conflicted: “The sex is great, but we don’t communicate that well...”. “They can be so wonderful sometimes but I feel like I suffer a lot...”. My partner wants to open up the relationship, and I am curious, but scared and don’t know who to talk to about it...”.
  • Do you feel that your job or career path is not the right one for you?
  • Are you in constant struggle with family members?

In all of these situations we want to explore You. What are patterns of behavior that you are not quite aware of? Or you may be aware, but still you do nothing and wonder, why can’t I make decisions or change anything? Is frustration and/or anxiety constant or ever-present in your life?